Art From the Ashes Carr Fire Project

Artists volunteer their time and talents to raise money to rebuild the Whiskeytown Recreational area after the devastating  Carr fire wiped it out last summer.

Most know, 2018 was not a good year for northern California and the destruction that occurred from multiple fires in the area, one in which was the Carr fire, that decimated my home town of Redding.
I learned of a project called "Art from the Ashes," while participating at a local craft fair in May and I instantly knew I wanted to contribute.

Once signed up, I made my way down to the storage units that housed chard debris, which artists could pick their pieces for the project. I picked out a bicycle, singer sewing machine and some gorgeous ornate bed frames, along with other smaller items like broken glass, coins, tools, coils of nails etc.

The symbolism of the project is "the seeds of regrowth," so I wanted to represent the greenery coming back from the apocalyptic like feel of what was left after the fire. I myself, have had to evacuate a handful if times from fire threat and seen the devastating aftermath of the earth, trees and greenery that makes our area so beautiful. The inspiration for my piece is to represent what will come for all residents and future visitors...the regrowth. Watching as the seeds from the earth get water from the rain and soon will be the sprouting of new growth, flowers, trees and greenery. I'll even welcome the weeds back!

                                            UPDATE: 11/4/19

The Art from Ashes show is still underway until 11/15/19 to sell as many art pieces from 60 artists to raise money for the Whiskeytown area that was heavily wiped out from the Carr fire last summer. However, I'm happy to report the piece I created with one of the antique bed frames, broken glass and wire had SOLD on the second day of the show!


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