Contact-less Solutions for Small retailers & their Customers

Many of us might be stuck at home due to the current pandemic plaguing our world, but what we still have is the ability to do is order awesome products from small business around the US and world. This is the time to support these non-essential businesses who can no longer maintain full retail hours of operation and are still a vital part of our communities economy.

Think of it as curbside drop-off or pickup of your purchases. 

First Step: Many small business retailers doors might be closed, but a majority of them still have their phones and websites still operating. If your favorite small shop has a website, go there, if the information isn't available as to whether or not they are still taking orders, ask them. The online ordering of products has already skyrocketed due to these stay at home restrictions, so most retailers have already adjusted to these changes and mailing out their products. If you don't want to pay shipping and you're a local, ask the shop about contact-less front door drop off or scheduled pickup from their business.

Second Step: In order to make these transactions contact-less, pay for your products ahead of time, through PayPal or another cash app. Again, most businesses are already setup with these types of payment options.

Third Step: Once your products are paid for, have them mailed, dropped off or schedule a pickup with your small business retailer. Then ENJOY! And know you've supported small business.

Birthdays and holidays don't stop, why should gift giving?

Remember birthdays, holidays and anniversaries don't stop for anything, not even a pandemic. So just because you can't celebrate in the usual manner, let your friends and family know you still care with a gift directly delivered to them using the steps I mentioned above.

Ask the retailer if they provide gift wrapping or gift cards for an added bonus.

If you are a struggling small retailer and haven't made any adjustments to your operations, consider some of these suggestions. If you can't have your doors open, find creative new ways to get products to customers. Delivery, scheduled pickups or mail delivery are all options that can be taken to help not only your business, but to help us all stay at home during this pandemic. It will give you the fighting chance to stay in business and be able to open the doors when the time comes. Happy selling!


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