What's Your Jewelry Style?

My motto has always been to be yourself. I learned early in life that there's no point in acting like someone you're not and to just be you. Hence, the rationale of my business name, BeYoutiful Accents. This had me thinking of the different jewelry styles out there and which one best fit my customers.

As I was thinking of all the different styles while looking at my jewelry inventory and realized there wasn't one category in particular that my style fit into, but rather a combination of different styles fused together into the style that is reflected when customers visit my store, www.beyoutifulaccents.com. Lets explore this further...

Simple and Classy. This style embraces the simplicity of perhaps a single stone bead, and one shiny metal tone, most commonly silver or gold. This style captures the simple, often delicate and classy elegance of its owner. This style represents someone who can truly appreciate the simple things in life, and this can be reflective in their jewelry selections. This style is also very fitting for those who never take off their jewelry, generally it's comfortable, light and durable to withstand daily wear. Keep it simple and classy!

Earthy Boho-Hippy Style. These are those down-to-earth, earth conscious, nature loving types that love all things that come from the earth, even their jewelry! This is a style which has matured with decades of refinement and is now a much more sophisticated version of the once free-loving hippy of the 60s.This style embraces the earth tones from browns to leafy green to ocean blue. It has less contrast than it's counterparts, but none-the-same has its own class of elegance. Tigers-eye, Amber, Jasper and Jade are common gem favorites of this style. So, keep preaching peace and love just as our parents did and be one with your down-to-earth style that keeps you close to the earth we all live on.

Steampunk/50's Chick.  One of my all time favorites! This style is a little bit dark with regards to the steampunk, but I love dressing up those vintage rustic charms with a 50's bright red roses or subtle pastel tones.This style allows you to re-purpose those old jewelry box charms, old keys and watch pieces and make a one-of-a-kind piece that makes your style subtle but sassy. And we all know how famous the 50's pinup girl, poodle skirt and James Dean era has influenced our 21st century style and marketplace even today. From the beautiful red lipstick reds being used, the pastel teals/blues, the bandana styles and rolled cuff pants. This is one style that will live on for decades to come!

 Southwestern Country Girl. This style is a little bit country cowgirl infused with the southwestern influence of turquoise, coral and peach tones. A very bold statement made from shiny silver metals, bright red, teal and green gemstones. Often the cowgirl style mixes it up with bling and sparkle from rhinestones or metal studs; I use Swarovski crystal to achieve this effect in my jewelry pieces. This girl is not afraid to be looked at while walking down the street and thrives off those head turns! This style shines with sparkle and true bright solid colors of the southwest.

In conclusion, whether you fit in one of these categories or maybe not, just a little bit of all of them, just be you and let me help you feel confident with my jewelry collections.

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