About Us

By working with beads for over a decade and acquiring many of my skills from professionals at a local bead shop, I take great pride in the skills I've learned and my natural ability to put together not only a fashionable piece of jewelry, but one which represents quality.

I've always had the motto, just "be you." Style plays a tremendous role in our every day lives and I believe my one-of-a-kind pieces can help you achieve your individualism and give you confidence.

I'm in my 30's, a cancer survivor and believe that each and every one of us should do what we love and to work to achieve a life and career that makes us happy and fulfilled.

Using gemstones and quality beads are part of my customer guarantee of satisfaction. In addition to that, as an artist it's important that each bead has it's own artistic characteristics, matrix, tone, facets, inclusions and anything that makes the final piece unique and worthy of a customer to wear.