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Upcycle your Jewelry: Create new One-of-A-kind Pieces

Look in your junk drawers and jewelry boxes for ideas

It’s SPRING again and if you're a busy-bee like me, I'm re-organizing, putting things in a donation box, down-sizing and refreshing things. But ask yourself, how often do you look in your jewelry boxes or junk drawers? It seems to be one of those areas we always miss or forget about, am I right?

One of the aspects I enjoy the most about being a craftier is Up Cycling, creating something gorgeous from parts and pieces I already own. With jewelry, it’s one of the easiest things to up-cycle. At times, I go through my own jewelry boxes, but I also purchase quality jewelry from thrift stores knowing I will dismantle and have a vision for a new jewelry piece.

Up cycling has continued to a fast-growing tread and millennial's seem to be at the for front of this. Part of this I believe is we're making our own style, since every style we've grown up with and known has been reused already in the few decades we've lived. My thought is just spruce it up, throw some paint on it, embellish it and voila, a new 0ne-of a-kind creation!


Things like bollo ties can make great leather necklaces or bracelets. I use buttons as necklace ends or on my wrap bracelets as closures. Men's cuff links can be used in leather cuffs. Extra ribbon and lace can also make lovely embellishments on the romantic cuffs. The possibilities are endless!

So, don’t forget to take a peak in your own jewelry boxes this Spring and see if there’s anything you can donate to a local thrift store or maybe you’re feeling crafty and want to try up-cycling yourself. But know matter what, it’s important to use what we already have and never throw away anything of quality or that can be reused. Happy Up Cycling!

My Story:
Inspiring with creativity

Much of my experience of being a jewelry designer is a job at a local bead shop in my 20’s. This became a long journey of learning and a huge amount of accumulation of anything from yarn crafts, sewing machines, fabric, beads, lace, and more.

Within the last 15 years I feel like I’ve accumulated so much, but because of this, I discovered my love for recreation, restoring and up-cycling. I became known as the collector of just about anything! Therefore, lots of customers, friends and family give me their unwanted projects and materials, DYI materials or craft items and supplies. 

 I feel fortunate to have touched so many with my creativity and it's come full circle with such generosity from others. My goal is to inspire my customers and admirers and reuse what gems are hidden under the rust, neglect or otherwise throw away state.
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